The 3 Core Web Site Purposes

Phone Book Websites

• Supports customers and clients quick and easily making contact.
• Confirm the organizations category and role so they are at ease making contact

Websites That Tell & Sell

• They tell others what the organization is about, typically using the most popular search key words and phrases.
• Typically, they assume visitors will be so impress that those visitors will choose them.

Participation Websites

• These websites are about interaction, communication and effective listening.
• Websites that sell move into this by building interaction. They move beyond a sale focus into marketing by growing repeat relationships.

The Work

• The web work always starts with the goal(s) of the web site involved.
• Fundamental web site mechanics must avoid web server issues that undermine the delivery of web page content.
• The web plugins require weekly updates. Server software and hardware faces the demands of visitors, hackers and spammers.
• Web sites get extra attention by search engines when new. Later other newer web sites acquire that benefit.
• Organization change and need to share that just as search engines and clients need to know.
• Day to day operations reveal ways the web presence can help improve client experiences and reduce costs.
• Refining each web site to keep it relevant to visitors is as on going as marketing's drive to maintain clients mind share.

The Cost

• We offer hourly rates of $107.78 to dropped everything and fix hacked websites, email disruptions or your current web site emergency.

Organizations that require regular work benefit for the commitment in building the impact of their web site, depending on the amount of work required.

One Day per Week

• An average of 4 days per month (32 hours) over each year. $800/mth

Three Days per Week

• An average of 12 days per month over each year. $2000/mth

Web Focused Video Production

• Live video requirements often impact the monthly rates above. It is always good to discuss video well ahead of time.
• Each video production is quoted based on its needs.
• Live video quotes depend on where the client is with respect to available equipment and already trained staff.