Measure Market Impact ...

Your Web Site Needs Structural Changes...
...To Keep Pace With On Going Google SEO Enhancements.

   Business cards, phone book ads and interruption based marketing worked yesterday and still work today.
   Changing times now reveal unmatched impact and value from;
      • real responsive web pages with different layout and content for different devices.
      • web pages that respect the users expectations, based on the device they choose to use
      • engaging responsive emails
      • permission based cross platform marketing.

   Impact is critical to being found by search engines (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, etc).
   2011 saw Google's Panda search engine algorithm;
      • helped web sites with original content rank more highly
      • prevented duplicate poor quality, keyword stuffed, content.

   In 2012 Google announced Penguin that;
      • benefited web sites which used web master tools
      • penalized those using bulk web page links for attention.

   In 2013 Google Hummingbird;
      • focused on fully formed thoughts and whole sentences for better ranking.

   In 2014 Pigeon;
      • focused search on local results, opening the door wider for mobile search.

   In 2015 Chameleon acknowledges the massive shift to mobile, tablet and "phablet" search.
   Chameleon is about a great user mobile web experience.
      • Top of the search will go to mobile friendly web pages.
      • Web sites missing mobile and responsive abilities miss ranking higher.

   In March 2017 Fred cleans out more distraction web sites;
      • ongoing monthly improvements starts turmoil with rankings being rearranged.
      • refined link recognition tip rankings in favour of user satisfaction.
      • commercial web sites see impact of chum ads hit their ranking and revenue.
      • Google announces all ongoing and future updates will be called Fred.

Mobile is more than just changing layout for a smaller screen size or fat user fingers.
      • Google and the visitor, want immediate, concise, expected, results.
      • Search drives visits to every page, so every page is a landing page.
      • Ads and pictures at the top of the page can frustrate visitor expectations.
      • Design, implementation and timely measurement bring successful messaging.

Listen to your community, in the wild and at the water cooler.
Speak with your community using words they use today.

• Did web contact convert to the desired action?

• It is about them - who are they?

• Get functional market knowledge.

• Explore trends that need respect.

• See perceptions of the groups involved.

• Understand the fears of change in action.

• Is advertising delivering quick impact?

• Is story telling informing visitors?

• Past perspectives of polls and surveys change.

• Know what makes it to top of mind.

• What folks say, do and think today.

• See jargon, time of day and day of week impact.

• Identify seasonality tipping points.

• Research the current 'understanding cycle' location.